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Commercial Truck Classification: Flatbed Trucks, Pickups

classification of commercial trucks | buy a commercial truck in Indianapolis

Commercial trucks come in different forms and sizes for various tasks, such as transporting cargo, long-distance hauling, or small landscaping jobs. No matter the business, you will find your steel helper at Indy Auto Man.

Commercial trucks are often divided by body type:

  • Flatbed trucks have an open body limited by the sides. They are suitable for transporting any cargo that does not require special conditions.
  • Vans are commercial vehicles with a closed body located behind the cab. In such a car, you can transport various loads.
  • Pickups are popular commercial trucks with a closed cabin and an open cargo area.
  • A separate category includes tractors - a cab with an engine for transporting trailers, semi-trailers, and other types of equipment.

Any vehicle should have enough trunk space to carry your equipment or cargo. The cabin is even more important because it transports you and your passengers. We've listed the most common commercial truck types and cab styles to help you choose the one that suits you best.

Four Types of Pickup Truck Cabins

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Commercial trucks have various markings, such as a manufacturer's emblem on the grille and tailgate, badges indicating the model and trim, and decals on the side of the bed indicating the type of suspension. But you'll never find a tag that says "one size fits all."

Pickup truck manufacturers produce four types of cabs, and although they may have different names, they are generally called as follows:

  • regular;
  • extended;
  • double cabin;
  • extended double cab.

Regular Cab

These are two-door pickup trucks with one row of seats. The front end of a regular cab is small, so the back end is usually larger. This makes them convenient for towing and carrying things in the trunk. All the most popular manufacturers offer trucks with a regular cab, such as Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM, and GMC Sierra.

Extended Cab

These commercial trucks have two or four doors and two rows of seats. The second row is usually smaller and has less legroom. The Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Navara have full-length front doors with hidden handles. The smaller rear doors open rearwards and provide access to the second row of seats.

Here are the names of extended cab pickups from popular manufacturers:

  • Chevrolet - Double Cab
  • GMC - Double Cab
  • Ford - Super Cab
  • Toyota - Access Cab
  • Ram - Quad Cab
  • Nissan - King Cab

Double Cab (Crew Cab)

Double Cab is a pickup type with four full-size doors. This size is perfect for you and your crew, whether a group of colleagues, family, or friends. This truck is easy to get in and out of and has plenty of room for four or more people. If you have furry friends in your group, they will happily fit in the back seat.

Here are the names of pickup trucks of this type most often used by manufacturers:

  • Chevrolet - Extended Cab
  • Ram-Crew Cab
  • Ford - SuperCrew
  • Toyota - Double Cab
  • GMC - Extended Cab
  • Nissan - Crew Cab

Extended Crew Cab

This cab configuration is similar to the previous one but has additional storage and passenger space. If you need more passenger legroom and lounging space, the Extended Crew Cab may be a good choice for you. A larger cab may result in a smaller bed on some models, but if cabin comfort is your main concern, this is a great option. 

If you want to buy a commercial truck of this type, look for the following designations:

  • Ram Mega Cab
  • Chevrolet Crew Cab
  • GMC Crew Cab
  • Toyota Crew Cab Max

How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Truck in Indianapolis?

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Choosing the right cab size is critical when buying a used truck in Indianapolis. This may affect the length of the bed and the available trim levels. The shorter cab allows for more bed length, which is great for those who require more cargo space and don't need extra seating. The four-door cab provides the most luxurious finish and is the best suit for those who value comfort. Consider payload, passenger capacity, and comfort needs before making a decision.

Remember that the right cab size will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and efficient driving experience while still having enough space to carry cargo. If you are looking for a commercial truck in the Indianapolis area, visit the Indy Auto Man dealership to compare different truck types and buy the best suit for your business.