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Mazda Vs. Nissan Comparison: Which Is Better?

Mazda Vs. Nissan: Which Brand Is Better?

Japan represents several well-known brands on the US market, among which the leaders are Nissan and Mazda. The dilemma of Mazda vs. Nissan is eternal. In different years, one manufacturer broke forward, but another, in the end, caught up. To make the right choice, you should understand the main advantages of each vehicle, the price policy of these brands, and the features you value most in the car. Read our comparative review and choose your winner among the Nissan and Mazda models.

Top Japanese Brands Sharing Much in Common

Mazda and Nissan automakers have a solid reputation with only 13 years difference in age. The concerns gained names, reputation, and recognition. In addition, the brands also produce trucks that are not inferior in quality.

When comparing cars in their class, the Nissan and Mazda brands are similar in the quality of materials, assembly, driving characteristics, and introduction of technological innovations.

Car design of both, Mazda and Nissan, is also outstanding and finds its admirers.

As for the price range, you can only compare cars of the same class, but Nissan has budget compact models that Mazda practically does not have.

What Is the Difference Between Cars Produced by Mazda and Nissan

The general characteristics of the models are similar, but they have tangible differences since each concern brings its features to the car.

  • Contrary to all trends, Mazda started with the production of trucks. Its first 3-wheel truck was made in 1931. Only after 30 years of its existence, Mazda released the first passenger car, the R 360 Coupe.
  • The Nissan manufacturer began with tuning and engine production in 1933. Nissan was the first to enter the American market from Japan.
  • Mazda produces more high-priced cars. This statistic is based on the fact that Mazda does not represent budget models. At the same time, Nissan focuses on all consumer classes and offers budget versions. To create a premium version, Nissan started a separate brand – Infiniti, which took a special market segment among luxury cars.
  • Mazda cars are more expensive to maintain, as the cost of original parts and consumables is high. Replicas or copies are not suitable. Nissan is less whimsical and allows the use of non-original parts.
  • Repair or replacement of units (engine and gearbox) is more budgetary in Nissan. The price of a Mazda engine can be even an order of magnitude higher.
  • Nissan is equipped with more powerful engines than Mazda, but Nissan consumes much more fuel.

Opinions are always divided. Some say that Nissan represents cars of a much higher class, while others prefer Mazda. The choice of Mazda or Nissan can be eternal, as none has clear technical superiority.

Is Mazda a Good Choice?

is mazda a good car to buy in indianapolis
2018 Mazda Mazda3 4-Door Touring

Japanese Mazda has never belonged to the budget class. This is a fairly expensive car that attracts attention and brings to its buyers due respect and admiration. Auto gives its owner a certain maximum.

The most important aspect is Mazda’s safety at a high level. Even the initial trims have advanced safety systems for the driver and passengers.

Mazda is the right choice for those who plan to carry small passengers. Thanks to this feature, Mazda can be called a family car. Mazda cars are designed more for the city than off-road, they love a good road surface.

But the Mazda lineup also offers SUVs that have excellent driving characteristics and the ability to traverse off-road. No Mazda model is economical in terms of fuel consumption, cars are very voracious, but this is compensated by their range and wear resistance. To all of the above, you can add ease of operation and comfort to the cabin.

Are Mazdas Expensive to Maintain?

Original Mazda parts are pretty expensive, and repair services are not cheap. But all the Mazda lineups are well-assembled and enable the car owner to visit a service center only for regular technical maintenance, not for repairs, for a long period during the car’s ownership. The average annual maintenance cost is about $400-500, which is less than the industry average. Minimal maintenance makes the Mazda easy to use, and modern equipment features are the icing on the cake.

Does Mazda Have Problems?

The most common Mazda problems are transmission issues, clutch failure, and engine malfunctions. Despite the exceptional equipment, Mazda is noisy inside. The reason for this is poor sound insulation, which to this day has not been corrected in any Mazda lineup.

Another shortcoming is that cars require a long warm-up in cold weather and are practically impossible to operate in harsh winters.

How Long Does a Mazda Last?

Most Mazda models have a lifespan between 200,000 and 300,000 miles, so you can buy a used car and be sure that it will serve you well for the years to come.

Why Is Nissan so Popular?

why are nissans popular
2019 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR

Another Japanese brand, Nissan , has a stylish appearance, several model lines, and a wide range of excellent driving characteristics. The lineups of crossovers, sedans, and SUVs are often updated, changing not only externally but also in terms of equipment. Nissan tries to keep up with the times and uses the latest trends.

Nissan has a broader model range than Mazda and features diversified trim levels. At Indy Auto Man, we always have a good assortment of used Nissans that can cover all customer groups and meet any needs with all vehicle classes, from budget to the premium and luxury cars.

Nissan cars have a comfortable interior and stylish exterior design with multiple accessories for convenience and safety. There are universal Nissan models, such as Navara and X-Trail, which are suitable for driving around a big city like Indianapolis or responsibly perform all the functions of SUVs.

The economy class is represented by the Note and Versa – the most popular mass-produced cars.

Do Nissan Cars Last Long?

Nissan cars last the same average as Mazdas – from 200,000 to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance.

What Are the Problem with Nissan Cars?

As with any manufacturer, the Nissan brand has common problems, from oil leaks and rusting bodywork to issues with the CVT gearbox system.

How Does Nissan Compare to Other Brands?

To find out more about the Nissan brand, read other comparative reviews.

What Car is Better, Mazda or Nissan?

You should choose a car according to your needs and consider certain distinctive features. Mazda is designed for safe city driving.

So that Mazda does not require hefty investments, you should carefully monitor the car and not skip regular oil change procedures, maintenance of consumables, and diagnostics of the current condition. Any omission can lead to costly repairs.

Most experts and lovers of full-size sedans prefer Nissan. The prevailing opinion about the lineup suggests that Nissan more favorably emphasizes the owner’s status. At the same time, even the premium class will become more profitable for the owner and will cost less to service.

Long trips off-road are suitable for Nissan crossovers and SUVs. Nissan engines are more powerful and durable, and the suspension is more prepared for long journeys. There are no analogs in the Mazda lineup.

The choice in the Mazda and Nissan model line is quite large. It allows you to choose a car for the best price with all the necessary options.

Without personal experience, not a single description can prove anything to the future owner of a used car. Schedule a test drive at Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, to choose between Nissan and Mazda!

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