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Used Mercedes Cargo Vans

Mercedes cargo van dealership Indianapolis

Buy Your Used Mercedes-Benz Cargo Van from a Dealership in Indianapolis

The Indy Auto Man dealership offers a good assortment of commercial vehicles in Indianapolis from different brands, including Mercedes-Benz. On our car lot, you will find used Mercedes Sprinters in different packages to choose from. Check the availability and trim levels of cargo vans for sale right now!

Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Standard Equipment

buy used mercedes sprinter in indianapolis

The Mercedes Sprinter full-size van, with extensive customization options and impressive technology, has several length and height variations and three wheelbases. The characteristics of this van allow you to make the best choice and buy Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van for your business at the Indy Auto Man dealership. Each Mercedes Sprinter vehicle has the standard equipment as follows.

Keyless Start

Keyless Start is a convenient system of authorized access to driving. Start the engine by pressing the engine start/stop button and depressing the clutch or brake pedal. For this function to work, it is enough to have an electronic key with you. This feature can greatly simplify the operation when the driver needs to get out of the van frequently because there is no need to remove the key and insert it into the ignition every time.

Electric Power Steering

Electric Power Steering enhances the driving comfort of your cargo van by changing the level of steering control based on speed and helps to stabilize driving. At low speeds and when maneuvering, the electric power steering is fully engaged, and the steering wheel turns easily. With acceleration, the participation of the electric booster gradually decreases. This improves the rectilinear movement by inertia and, consequently, stability when driving at high speeds. If the driver turns the steering wheel sharply, for example, when making a turn, the so-called active axle response function helps the driver return the steering wheel to a straight position. An additional benefit is that the electric power steering dampens vibrations caused by poorly balanced front wheels. Since the amplifier only needs electricity to operate, it will not affect the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Automatic Lighting Control System

The automatic lighting control system turns on and off the dipped beam while driving, depending on the current ambient light conditions. Thus, the Mercedes system facilitates driving and increases traffic safety. The motorist of a Mercedes cargo van will fully benefit from increased comfort when ambient lighting conditions change frequently, such as when entering and exiting tunnels, parking lots, or driving through underpasses.

Crosswind Stabilization System

Crosswind Assist detects lane drift due to gusts of crosswind in good time and helps the driver keep the Sprinter in the lane. After all, a sudden shift can provoke the driver to erratic steering. In this regard, when the van reaches a speed of 50 mph, the crosswind stabilization system begins to correct the vehicle’s course. This allows you to significantly reduce the van displacement from the lane and smooth out or reduce the effect of crosswind gusts.

Advantages and Shortcomings of Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Indianapolis

used mercedes sprinter for sale

At the Indy Auto Man dealership, Indianapolis, you will find Mercedes cargo vans in good or just-like-new condition, including those of the 2022 year of manufacture and older vehicles with low-mileage. But if you prefer to buy a used van of previous generations, you should consider the following shortcomings of this model:

  • The most expensive regular maintenance among classmates;
  • Breakdown of the front shock absorbers (this is due to the design features);
  • No oil pressure sensor (We advise you to either install the sensor at our dealership or change the oil pump at a run of 130-150 thousand miles);
  • Leakage of the oil filter housing (since it is made of plastic and leads to it over time);
  • Low corrosion resistance (except for the latest Sprinter 907 – it is galvanized).

However, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is endowed with significant advantages:

  • The Mercedes van offers indisputable versatility.
  • The Sprinter possesses excellent maneuverability due to its compact size and balanced configuration.
  • All parts are made of high-quality, durable materials. Therefore, the van does not require frequent maintenance.
  • There are numerous electronic assistants already in base trims.
  • Diesel engine. This full-size van belongs to an environmentally friendly class.
  • Mercedes Sprinter comes in 2 versions: a cargo van and a passenger minibus, on a chassis with a tipper or onboard platform.
  • The car has a load-bearing body, the engine is installed in front, and the drive is rear-wheel. There are options with a double cab.
  • Increased driving safety thanks to improved components. For example, all wheels have disc brakes, and the van makes emergency braking much more confident and faster than the competitors.
  • The manufacturer thought out the driver and passenger safety. In a frontal collision, the car body absorbs most of the energy, and drivers and passengers remain unharmed if fastened with three-point seat belts.

The full-size van of the German manufacturer is ideal for cargo transportation over short distances. The Mercedes Sprinter features traditional high-quality components, ergonomics, and economy. The van costs more than Ford or Chevy trucks, but the model will pay off due to reliability and durability. The Sprinter has almost no equal in terms of comfort and ergonomics – it will easily pass even along a busy Indianapolis street.

Don’t Miss the Benefits: Used Mercedes Cargo Vans from the Dealership

used mercedes cargo van from a dealership indianapolis

Buying a used Mercedes cargo van at the Indy Auto Man dealership in Indianapolis is a good investment because you can transform it into a passenger bus from a truck and vice versa right at our service station. But the chances are high that, at our dealership, you will find the option that will already have all the necessary equipment installed and will perfectly suit your needs. And with our beneficial trade-in and financing offers , you can update or enlarge your fleet with no headache.

Visit our dealership for a test drive or browse the inventory of Mercedes commercial vehicles available for sale in Indianapolis!