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SUV Vs. Truck: Which Is Best for You?

truck vs suv

SUV Vs. Truck: Choosing an Off-Road Vehicle in Indianapolis

If you are in the market for a reliable off-road vehicle, you have come to the right place. Indy Auto Man can offer 190+ SUVs and trucks for sale in Indianapolis. Check the inventory online and compare the models and prices right now!

SUVs and trucks do not differ much in functionality and price, so how to understand which is better to buy? Let’s compare trucks and SUVs to recognize the main advantages identify their shortcomings, and review the trends in the development of both classes.

Why People Call an SUV a Truck: the Core Difference

difference between an suv and a truck

Many brands built SUVs on the same truck-based platform up until 2008-2013 and drove exactly the same. But modern SUVs and trucks are two separate types of vehicles.

Trucks have a longer wheelbase and are bigger than SUVs. Trucks also have a higher center of gravity and are heavier than SUVs. In practice, the choice between an SUV and a truck comes down to passengers vs. cargo priority. However, there are nuances.

What Is Better on Gas: a Truck or an SUV?

Most SUVs will outperform trucks in gas mileage if comparing models of similar size. Some smaller SUVs can even get better fuel economy than many passenger cars in sedan or hatchback bodies.

Can an SUV Be Considered a Truck?

buy a used suv in indianapolis

Global manufacturers of off-road and near-off-road vehicles have long understood that they can earn more money not on real adventure lovers but those who love big and status cars. Ideally, this car, at least formally, should have some off-road qualities. Crossovers, with and without all-wheel drive, are currently selling the best. This, alas, could not but affect the development of large SUVs . Now few all-terrain vehicles are produced with a focus on cross-country ability instead of comfort and appearance. Plastic elements, decorative thresholds, lower clearance, and lack of frame indicate that most SUVs are getting city-dwellers. Fortunately, there is still a good choice of real off-roaders in Indiana’s used car market.

Nevertheless, SUVs still have many advantages:

  • Four-wheel drive, which will take you out of any trouble;
  • Large dimensions to comfortably transport up to 6 passengers and a large amount of cargo;
  • Comfortable interior and sedan-like driving experience;
  • Frame structure. True, manufacturers have recently begun to abandon it, which leads to a merging of the class of SUVs and crossovers;
  • Numerous systems ensure safety on the road—premium SUVs have everything from parking assistance to lane keeping.

Thus, a modern SUV is a comfortable and safe vehicle you can buy in Indianapolis. On an SUV, you can move around the city, commute along intercity routes, and drive fast, sometimes going on country roads. However, most SUVs are not advisable for serious off-road. The car will not get bogged down in the mud, but you can damage exterior elements.

Are Trucks Cheaper than SUVs?

SUVs can cost more than many trucks of the same class. However, depending on your priorities (luxury vs. economy), there is a good choice of models to compare.

But if you are on a restrained budget, you can unlock much more options with beneficial car financing at Indy Auto Man .

Why Having a Truck Is Better?

buy a used truck in indianapolis

The first pickup trucks were working vehicles for farmers and the military. They offered low comfort but high cross-country ability to transport bulky goods in places where road construction was not even planned. Hence, the features of pickups were:

  • Rigid suspension springs installed at the rear;
  • Wide and long wheelbase;
  • High ground clearance and bumpers;
  • Ascetic appearance and interior;
  • Large openings in the cargo compartment with a cramped cabin;
  • Frame structure.

So it was before, so it remains today in several models. Those who want to buy a strong working horse have plenty of options at a reasonable price.

However, a modern pickup truck is somewhat different. Manufacturers never stop working on the development of a softer suspension. Every year there are some improvements. The exterior and interior of trucks become more spacious, comfortable, and even luxurious. If earlier pickups, as a rule, were produced only in a 2-door version, now there are many 4-door truck models with the same level of comfort as in most passenger cars.

The carrying and towing capacity of a pickup truck can not but rejoice. There are high-power heavy-duty models for real hard work:

A pickup truck requires an experienced driver to operate it. The fact is that at high speeds, and sharp turns, the car becomes hard to control for an inexperienced driver. However, most modern pickups are equipped with excellent engines and the necessary stabilization and safety systems.

Are Trucks More Expensive to Insure?

Most insurance companies regard trucks as a substantial financial risk, as they may cause more damage in an accident and cost more to repair. Thus, the insurers have to protest themselves by charging a higher premium for trucks than SUVs.

Truck Vs. SUVs: Which Is Better to Buy in Indianapolis?

buy a used suv or truck in indianapolis

The choice between these two classes of cars depends on your purposes and needs.

  • If most of the time the car will move around the city, park at the office and shopping centers, sometimes travel to other cities, and rarely appear outside Indianapolis, then it is better to choose an SUV.
  • If you plan to regularly drive off-road, tow a trailer, or transport bags of cement or other goods, driving into the city from time to time, then a pickup truck will be the best option.

Try yourself behind the wheel of a pickup truck and compare the experience with your favorite SUV model the same day – schedule your test drive at Indy Auto Man!