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Used Truck Dealerships Near Me

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The Best Inventory Among the Used Truck Dealerships Near Indianapolis

Modern pickups combine the advantages of a comfortable interior of passenger cars, excellent off-road capability and maneuverability of SUVs, and amazing roominess of work trucks. As an owner of a pickup truck, you will easily transport all the necessary equipment for hunting, fishing, and trophies. And when installing a hardcover on a large luggage compartment, you can put things that will be useful when traveling with a large family or a group of friends without worrying about their safety.

If you’re looking for a trusted local truck dealership near you, Indy Auto Man has everything you need – 60+ pickup trucks always in stock to suit any taste and budget. Check out our inventory online right now!

Pickup Trucks for Sale in Indianapolis

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2017 GMC Sierra 3500HD SLT

Pickup trucks have been around for over 100 years. The first workhorses appeared in the US back in 1914, and, to this day, they are successfully used not only for farming and industrial purposes but also in the urban lifestyle of big cities like Indianapolis.

Pickup trucks stand out from other vehicles thanks to their typical design – a closed cabin and an open body space with a drop side. This design provides an opportunity not only to comfortably accommodate passengers but also conveniently load and transport heavy cargo of different sizes while allowing weight loads of several tones and, if necessary, to cope with the task of a tug.

Which Truck to Choose? Pickup Comparisons

There are many models and modifications of American pickups, among which the Ford Super Duty and Ranger , Jeep Gladiator , Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado , as well as Ram pickups , are the most common and in demand at the moment.

American pickup trucks are most common in the rear-wheel drive version. However, it is still worth focusing on the all-wheel drive for driving in off-road conditions .

Considering that this type of car has a multifunctional purpose, you should immediately decide before buying whether such a car is needed for specific household or work needs. Passenger capacity is another important characteristic, especially if a pickup truck is purchased to replace a passenger car for family trips. Cars of this class can take on board from 2 to 6 people; depending on the design.

Load and Towing Capacity

When choosing a pickup, parameters such as carrying capacity and traction force matter. There are models designed to carry loads up to 3,5 tons, therefore, they have a reinforced transmission, frame, engine, and suspension, which leads to heavier driving.

Unlike ordinary passenger cars and SUVs, pickup trucks have increased towing power and can pull a trailer weighing 2 tons or more. So, if your lifestyle or business calls for this useful feature of towing a “camper house” or large loads on wheels, you should take a closer look at the traction parameter.

Used Truck Dealers Near Me: Where to Find the Best Price?

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2016 Nissan Titan XD SL

The popularity of used pickups lies in their affordability. Truck prices start at $20,000-22,000 and end at around $60,000 if you don’t take the most powerful versions. But at used truck dealerships near you , the chances are high to buy a reliable working horse for about $13,000 – 16,000. You will easily find the best option to suit your budget.