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Used Commercial Vehicles for Sale Near Me

used commercial vehicles for sale near me in Indiana

Used Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Indianapolis: How to Choose the Best Truck for Your Business

If you start (or already have) your own business, it is impossible to manage without a reliable and convenient commercial vehicle. At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you will find a variety of used cargo and passenger vans, heavy-duty trucks, and powerful pickups to suit your needs. Browse the commercial vehicles for sale near you right now!

If you feel lost in the variety of vans and trucks, grab our hands-on tips on choosing the right commercial vehicle near you.

Choose a Used Commercial Vehicle Now

If you decide to buy a truck in Indianapolis, first decide on the tasks it will perform:

  • The most versatile commercial truck body type is the enclosed box. It can carry most types of cargo.
  • If you plan to transport goods that require special temperature conditions, a refrigerator is the best choice. Trucks of this type are best for delivering food, medicines, and flowers. It maintains the desired temperature throughout the journey. This segment includes the refrigerator itself, as well as an isothermal van.
  • If you need to transport heavy cargo of various sizes, the best option is a truck with a semi-trailer, a pickup, or a flatbed.
  • If you don’t need to transport bulky items, consider one of the commercial vans available for sale.

What Makes a Truck a Commercial Vehicle?

According to the regulations , a “commercial vehicle” is any motor vehicle, self-propelled or towed, with a gross weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more used in interstate commerce to transport property on a public highway. Or a vehicle designed for more than 15 passengers, including a driver, and used for people transportation.

Technical Parameters of Your Commercial Vehicle

technical parameters of commercial vehicles

One of the main points when buying a used commercial vehicle in Indianapolis is engine power. It defines whether your truck will pull the right load or not.

When choosing a commercial truck, you should also pay special attention to the gas tank volume. It is better to buy a vehicle with large fuel tanks if you plan to travel long distances.

Mind the comfort of the driver’s seat, as it affects whether it will be convenient to work on the truck and whether he will not get very tired.

The dashboard is not the most important aspect but it will not be superfluous to trace how handy it is. A convenient location helps the driver track all changes in the car, regardless of the landing.

Another crucial point is the carrying capacity. If you are not going to transport tons of cargo, it is not at all necessary to purchase a huge tractor. You may do just fine with a small pickup truck.

Safety is the most critical indicator in choosing any vehicle, and even more if you plan long-distance cargo transportation. On trucks, it must be safe not only for the driver and passengers but also for cargo. Progress does not stand still, and today many devices increase road safety. For example, the anti-sleep system gives signals, allowing the driver not to fall asleep at the wheel and keep on alert.

Criteria for Choosing a Used Commercial Vehicle in Indianapolis

how to choose a commercial truck in Indianapolis

Buying trucks is quite different from purchasing passenger cars. When choosing, you should evaluate not only the ratio of price and technical condition of the vehicle but also operating costs, maintenance spending, and the prices and availability of spare parts. It is expedient to buy a brand with a developed service network in Indiana and neighboring states.

What Mileage Is Too High for a Used Truck?

Unlike cars, when buying a truck, age, and mileage rarely make much difference. The truck engine is designed for harsh operating conditions and has a longer service life. Motor components can be replaced, postponing the overhaul of the internal combustion engine. The resource of the engine of a heavy-duty truck is 35 thousand hours corresponding to about 1 million miles.

When choosing a truck, you should focus on engine hours – they indicate the remaining life of the motor. Mileage is an indication of how intensively the previous owners exploited the equipment. With the same technical condition and resources of the units, it is not advisable to overpay for a car with less mileage.

What Is the Most Reliable Heavy Truck Engine?

The Cummins engine, a popular choice for heavy-duty pickup trucks, has the best reputation. The Cummins 6.7L turbo diesel engines, renowned for their effectiveness and dependability, are available in RAM 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 Chassis Cabs.

What to Check When Buying Used Commercial Transport Means?

what to check when buying used commercial transport in Indianapolis

First of all, inspect a used truck or van visually. It should not have dents, visible traces of straightening or painting, or signs of dismantling on the hood. You can find traces of cabin repair if you carefully examine the welds. The standard factory seam is spot welding. Also, in places of welding, fresh coloring is visible.

Be sure to check the VIN on the frame, and cab nameplate, in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). They must match. The VIN on the frame must be well-read.

The engine should not have any oil smudges, smoke during operation, or breath when the oil filler cap is open. The turbine, pipes, and intercoolers must be clean. Visible smudges indicate that the turbine is not working properly. The frame must be free of any damage and non-standard saddle attachments.

The Indy Auto Man car lot in Indianapolis is a perfect place near you to choose a used commercial vehicle for your business. When buying a used truck or cargo van, you get a report about the vehicle’s technical condition, including the wear of components and assemblies. Contact us for more information about the model you want to buy and schedule a test drive!

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