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Cutaway Van: What Is It and Is It Worth Buying?

what is a cutaway van? Benefits of buying a cutaway van in Indianapolis

A cutaway van is a commercial vehicle of increased carrying capacity in the form of a cabin & chassis with a mounted cargo body of various types: 

  • dump trucks,
  • refrigerators, 
  • timber trucks, 
  • car transporters, 
  • tow trucks, 
  • loading and unloading systems - loader cranes, ramps, or portal loading mechanisms. 

Another name for a cutaway van is a box truck, meaning an automobile wheel frame with suspension, engine, cab, and transmission. In most cases, four-stroke diesel engines with a turbocharger and an intercooler are installed on such chassis. This type of transport is most often equipped with a manual transmission, an efficient braking system, as well as modern electrical equipment.

At Indy Auto Man, you can always adapt this type of transport to your needs and for the transportation of any cargo. Fill in the form to discuss your future vehicle!

What is the difference between a cutaway van and a cargo van?

The difference between a cutaway van often referred to as a box truck, and a cargo van is in their construction. In a cargo van, a driver shares the space with the cargo, while a cutaway van like the Sprinter Chassis or Chevy Express Cutaway is a cab on a chassis. This offers numerous customization options for your business needs. Many used cutaway vans are sold with pre-selected upfits that separate a driver from the transported goods. 

How does a cutaway van differ from a chassis cab?

Cutaway chassis can offer limited cab configurations - a driver and one passenger. Cab chassis have more options you can choose from, including regular, extended, or crew cabs that can accommodate up to five individuals.

What Are the Benefits of a Cutaway?

benefits of a cutaway way

The main advantage of cutaway vans is the possibility of retrofitting with various types of equipment for different load capacities, axles, and cargo weights. Equipment of this kind is subject to mandatory certification and is tested before being sold. A monocoque chassis is a fully functional vehicle with bodywork and controls. 

Chassis trucks such as aircraft lifts, concrete mixer trucks, truck cranes, garbage trucks, loader cranes, tow trucks, multi-lifts, and fire trucks are very popular in the US market. Manufacturers build truck chassis in strict compliance with all the requirements for equipment of this kind. These trucks have found wide applications in various fields of activity and can solve any transportation task. Numerous versions of truck chassis allow you to create exactly the vehicle needed to perform a particular transporting job.

Most Versatile Vans

The versatility is an advantage of all cargo vans, but most perceptible with cutaways. The standard cabin of a cutaway van, like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, can accommodate up to 3 people, and the double cab can deliver up to 7 people to the place of work. Behind the cab is the Sprinter chassis, available in 3 lengths and providing a suitable base for a wide range of body solutions and accessories.

Additional benefits include a wide range of drive options: depending on the operating conditions and preferred driving characteristics, you can buy the chassis with the front, rear, or all-wheel drive. 

Variety of Options for Transporting Goods of All Types

Numerous vehicle variants and equipment options allow you to build the work van according to the transport tasks. Chassis with special equipment can be used as a semi-trailer, while the permissible total weight of the road train can be up to 9 tons, for example, when transporting cars. 

Complex Work Made Easier

The driver's cab with excellent all-around visibility makes daily use of the van a pleasure. Several driver-seat options are available in most models to meet different comfort requirements. Modern cutaway vans offer control and display options with the possibility of integrating smartphones and operating optional multimedia systems via touch screens and the multifunction steering wheel. Keeping the driver's cab organized is the concept of modular storage solutions, positioned within the driver's reach and equipped with lids if required, including a clever multi-functional box for signing documents, etc.

Browse Commercial Van Inventory in Indianapolis

used commercial vans in Indianapolis

If you are looking for a used cargo van in the Indianapolis area, check the Indy Auto Man inventory and buy the best commercial vehicle for your business needs. At our dealership, you will find vans from popular manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Chevy Express, and Freightliner Sprinter Cargo Van.