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All Brands and Models: Cars for Sale in Indianapolis

Indy Auto Man offers the broadest assortment of cars for sale in Indianapolis. Our stock consists of used sedans and hatchbacks, stylish coupes and convertibles, high-power SUVs and trucks in just-like-new and good condition from various manufacturers.

Search our inventory by brand, body style, year of manufacture, budget, or any other parameter which is of most importance to you.

Choosing a Car Brand

cars of different brands for sale in Indianapolis

Choosing a car brand is a tricky task, which requires knowledge of the market and the intricacies of buying a used vehicle. With the widest variety of cars for sale in Indianapolis, it is not easy to put up your mind.

Each car brand has characteristics for which US consumers love them:

  • Predictable and voluminous Americans : Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac consistently present roomy and comfortable models.
  • Powerful and pedantic Germans : Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen are famous for their high-speed characteristics and top-quality engines.
  • Reliable Japanese : Toyota, Nissan, and Honda conquered the US market due to a high level of service and quality parts.
  • Inventive Koreans : Kia and Hyundai are famous for their design, bright colors, and affordable pricing.

The best way to decide which manufacturer will suit you is to see the competitors face to face and ask a competent sales assistant about their pros and cons. You may begin with our model and brand comparison page or read a comprehensive guide on how to choose a car .

What Is the Best Age for a Used Car?

It is believed that when buying a used vehicle, it is better to choose the one not older than 2-3 years. As a rule, their typical sores have already been completely eliminated, and the general technical condition and appearance remain optimal.

However, at Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you can find excellent specimens among the cars for sale of the 2012 year and older . For example, the Chevrolet Corvette coupe, with proper maintenance, does not lose its attractiveness over the years, and workhorses like the Dodge RAM or Ford F-150 boast a large margin of safety if the previous owner did not exploit them to their fullest.

Also, noteworthy models are the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class, Lexus ES 350, Honda CR-V, and Subaru Forester. They have withstood the test of time, standing out for their high build quality and reliability.

Find out more about the correlation between the car’s age and its price.

Where to Buy a Car in Indianapolis at an Affordable Price?

There are thousands of used cars for sale in Indianapolis in various conditions and price categories. Many sellers offer to buy cars at an attractive price, but the chance of falling into the clutches of scammers who sell a broken or technically faulty vehicle is quite high. To secure yourself, always address well-known dealers who value their reputation. At Indy Auto Man dealership, you will find cars at a fair market value, including affordable models under $20,000 .

Car Sale Online

buy cars online Indiana

If among our cars for sale in Indianapolis you found your dream model, but have no opportunities to come and see it, you can still buy it online even from another city or state. We will ship your purchase to your doorway, the first 250 miles from the dealership are free.

  • At Indy Auto Man, you can always be sure of the legal and technical reliability of the car. Order a free CARFAX report and check everything from the title brand to the vehicle maintenance history.
  • Consider the financing options using our convenient auto loan payment calculator .
  • You can also opt for your used car sale online and get the most beneficial trade-in deal. Just get your trade-in value in a couple of clicks, and if it suits you, we will come to pick up your car.

Our main goal is to make your car sale online experience smooth and stress-free, so we provide a seven-day exchange and thirty-day price match guarantee to any vehicle you buy.