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The Difference Between Chevy and GMC: Are They The Same?

Is chevy and gmc the same? |Indy Auto Man, IN

Many car owners considering US pickup truck purchases doubt whether Chevy and GMC are the same in terms of quality and technical parameters. These two brands are produced by the same car manufacturer (General Motors), and most of the pickup and SUV models of the two brands look similar in make and design. 

However, there are fundamental differences, and not all relate to automotive parts. Let’s find out the core differences between GMC and Chevy. 

Brand Operational Differences: Which Came First, GMC or Chevy?

William C. Durant founded General Motors in 1908, but by 1910, Durant was forced out of the company. He co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Company in 1911. The same year, GM formed the General Motors Truck Company, which, in 1912, received the name GMC Trucks.

Even though GMC and Chevrolet are two divisions of the same automaker, they compete in the pickup truck market. Chevrolet sells many more cars than GMC, although the Chevrolet offers a wider range of products - not only does it sell pickup trucks like its GMC, but also a few sedans and coupes, convertibles and hatchbacks, and iconic Camaro and Corvette sports cars.

Chevy vs GMC differences

Is GMC a Type of Chevy: Historical Distinctions in Chevy and GMC Trucks

The GMC and Chevy brands started as separate manufacturers but eventually combined into one. Chevrolet merged with General Motors in 1918, and in 1943, the automaker completed the purchase of GMC. Over the years, GM has owned many brands, but Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac remain.

In the 1960s, GMC and Chevrolet trucks differed only in headlight shape and some functional features. Chevy used dual headlights, while GMC trucks were equipped with quad headlights. However, this distinction ended in 1973. In the 1980s, GMC designs became more durable than Chevy due to the target market requirements. GMC trucks were primarily sold for commercial and construction use and had more powerful and durable engines. GMC vans and trucks came with improved suspension and transmission compared to Chevy trucks used more for daily commuting. To this day, GMC trucks still have stronger braking systems, transmission, wheel axles, and suspension compared to their Chevy counterparts.

Appearance Differences: Is GMC Just Fancy Chevy?

GMC and Chevy are equally popular brands. Their trucks are mechanically identical, as GM is responsible for their production. The main significant difference is that GMC is a premium twin of Chevrolet.

Because most of GMC's and Chevy's models are built on the same assembly lines, differences between these vehicles are limited. Today, most uniqueness is found in cosmetic packaging: options and equipment. The interior trim and materials make customers choose between Chevy and GMC. Generally, the base level of a GMC truck is about the same as a mid-level Chevy. A top-level stock GMC usually has more luxury amenities than a top-notch Chevy truck.

What Is More Reliable, GMC or Chevy?

Comparing seemingly identical GMC and Chevrolet gauges might beg the question, “Why does the GMC cost more, is it more reliable?” Most modern car manufacturers with dual brands run more quality control tests on each node. While a Chevy pickup may pass a 60 or 100-point test before release, a GMC may pass a 110-point test. The extra inspection time costs more for labor, so it costs a little more to buy. As a result, closer inspection increases the safety factor and hence the value of the GMC.

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