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Buy Used Chevrolet Trucks in Indianapolis

used Chevrolet trucks for sale near me, Indianapolis
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT

Used Chevrolet Trucks for Sale in Indianapolis

Which is Better GMC or Chevy Trucks?

Used Chevy trucks are the best suit for those looking for a reliable pickup for the money. They have everything to meet the needs of an average  Indianapolis driver. As for the GMC pickup trucks, they are more oriented toward serious towing and hauling needs and come with a higher price tag.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities or just a businessman who constantly needs to transport goods or medium-sized cargo from place to place, then buy a used Chevrolet truck in Indianapolis, and it will become your faithful assistant.

Chevrolet company, founded back in 1911, has always supplied drivers of the United States with reliable and powerful cars. Chevrolet trucks have become a symbol of the American automotive industry.

Today, Chevrolet is part of General Motors Corporation, and despite the Chevrolet pickups being almost identical to GMC cars in this class, they have several distinctive features.

At the Indy Auto Man used truck dealership, you will always find a good selection of  Chevrolet pickup trucks for sale. Browse through the models available right now!

What Trucks Does Chevy Make?

Chevrolet makes two pickup models – Colorado and Silverado – with a variety of trims and cab options, such as:

  • Silverado 1500 Limited Crew Cab, Double Cab.
  • Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab, Regular Cab, Double Cab.
  • Colorado Crew Cab, Extended Cab.

Take a closer look at the Colorado and Silverado pickup trucks to decide which one is your best suit.

Chevrolet Colorado

used Colorado for sale Indianapolis
2015 Chevrolet Colorado 2WD LT

Chevrolet Colorado, a compact pickup truck, surprised the world in 2004. The first generation of the car was produced from 2004 to 2012, while the second one started in 2012 and is still ongoing.

At our dealership, we always have several used Chevy Colorado models for sale in Indianapolis. You may find the truck with rear or all-wheel drive , with two types of transmissions – a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic. Most models are equipped with a 2.8-liter LK5 I4, but there is also a more powerful 3.5-liter I5 engine under the hood of certain truck versions. In 2007, the Colorado models received a couple of new engines – a 2.9-liter LLV I4 and a 3.7-liter LLR I5.

The main competitor for the Colorado is the Ford Ranger , which is the best-selling car in the compact pickup class, so the pickup from Chevrolet takes second place.

Chevrolet Silverado

buy used Silverado in Indianapolis
2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ

The Chevy Silverado is a full-size pickup truck that has become the best-selling car in the class today. With a circulation, almost every year consistently exceeding the half-million mark, and in the most successful years, easily overcoming the bar of eight hundred thousand. The figures indicate the total sales of the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado models, which, with some minor differences, are the same vehicle. Read the Silverado vs. Sierra comparison .

The car is truly legendary, even despite its relatively young age for the automotive industry:

  • The Silverado model saw the light of day only in 1999. It replaced the Silverado trim level of the Chevrolet C/K.
  • The second generation of this legendary giant was produced from 2007 to 2013. The model managed to collect many awards, including the best pickup truck in 2007.
  • The third generation, 2014-2018, was smoother, quieter, and more power-efficient than the previous models.
  • In 2019, the current fourth generation of the model started. The truck became 450 pounds lighter and received a fresh interior.

During the production period, the Chevy Silverado received different types of power units. The engine range was represented by six- and eight-cylinder Vortec units with volumes from 4.3 to 6.2 liters. The minimum engine power was 195 horsepower, while the maximum was 403 hp. This information is relevant only for the version with the index 1500. The characteristics of the pickup variants with a larger carrying capacity are slightly different. Visit Indy Auto Man to have a look at the Silverado models available for sale in Indianapolis and buy the one that will best meet your needs.

Since 2008, all pickup trucks manufactured by companies that are part of General Motors are sold in the United States with any transmissions other than manual ones . This is also true for the Silverado, which has several automatic transmission options, as well as a CVT variator. As before, buyers are offered a choice of a conventional two-door cab, a one-and-a-half, and a four-door double cab. You may find rear and 4WD drivetrain configurations.

Buy a Used Chevrolet Truck Near You

If you have doubts about whether to buy a used Chevrolet truck, just compare the Silverado or Colorado models with the competitors. Indy Auto Man is the best place to buy a used Chevy truck near you in Indianapolis because we have all the models you like at our car lot. Here, you may also consider lifted pickup trucks and even duallies .

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