Lexus vs. Infiniti vs. Acura brand battle

Lexus, Infinity, and Acura: Compare Premium Brands from Japan

Three representatives of luxury car brands, Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura, look like they were modeled in the same engineering center. If we compare their SUVs: Lexus RX, Infiniti QX60, and Acura MDX, we will see that they have similar dimensions, units, interiors, and purpose, and rather a common approach to the design of the car. So how to choose the winner among these competitive brands in the US market?

The Devil Is in the Details: Are INFINITI and Acura the Same?

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2015 Acura RDX Tech Pkg

Inspired by the example of German automakers, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda manufacturers presented their brand branches, Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura, intended for the American market under the guise of a luxury segment, generously stuffing cars with leather and modern electronics. On this path, they have achieved significant success, although have not yet become equal competitors to the Germans. The emotional attachments of the customers do not contribute to a painless transition from European to Asian cars and vice versa. Therefore, in the class of large crossovers, the participants of this brand battle are the most dangerous rivals just for each other.

The Infiniti QX60, Acura MDX, and Lexus RX are equipped with 3.5-liter gasoline engines with nearly the same power and torque indicators. Very similar interiors with simple dashboards and blocks of blind buttons to the left of the steering wheel are complemented by identical schemes for electrically adjustable seats and mirrors. Trunks with a large loading height are modest in volume.

However, there are differences in the inner design:

  • Lexus’s interior is practical but too gloomy and rational. 
  • Infiniti looks much more fun against the background of a compatriot. Light skin tones, shiny wood inserts, and very bright appliances noticeably enliven the interior.
  • Acura inside is no more elegant or modern than competitors. Among its advantages are the most comfortable driver seats, although with limited possibilities for longitudinal adjustment.

Straightforward Lexus RX

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Lexus vehicles seem collected and quite energetic. In accelerating, it only slightly loses to Acura. A prompt automatic gearbox perfectly complements the brisk 277-horsepower engine, and a dense energy-intensive suspension emphasizes the sporty character. However, these qualities make the Lexus RX SUV react unnecessarily sharply to even small potholes. Handling on straight lines or in long corners is no problem – the car behaves predictably, and the reactions of the wheels to the steering are accurate and understandable. But in tight corners, the Lexus RX is too straightforward and demonstrates clear understeer. With the hard braking, the ABS activates too early, which is sometimes annoying.

How Long Will a Lexus Last?

Lexus is known as one of the most reliable car brands on US roads. Drivers can expect their Lexus to run for about 300,000 miles or up to 20 years.


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The Infinity QX60 is noticeably inferior to Lexus and Acura in accelerating from zero to sixty. Although, its dynamics cannot be called sluggish for objective reasons. Infiniti car has the weakest engine (if such a definition applies to a 262-horsepower unit) and a continuously variable transmission against the classic automatic of the rivals. Perfectly coping with the unevenness of the surface both on asphalt and on light off-road, the suspension rewards the body with buildup when accelerating and tangible rolls on bends. Due to flaws in soundproofing, the engine sound persistently breaks into the cabin. But the Infinity car is distinguished by a quick response to the movement of the accelerator pedal and sensitive, distinct brakes. The Infiniti QX enters corners precisely, although the steering lacks feedback precision and transparency.

Is INFINITI more Reliable than Lexus?

Lexus cars and SUVs outperform INFINITI models in terms of reliability, according to the J.D. Power and Consumer Reports dependability ratings.  

Is INFINITI or Acura Better?

The most dynamic car in the Lexus vs. Infiniti vs. Acura battle, the Acura MDX SUV, stands out for its driving ambitions. A powerful engine, quick-fire automatic transmission, and sensitive brakes give this Acura SUV a truly sporty character. The modified suspension perfectly suits the road conditions on Indianapolis, providing comfort and stability during maneuvers. The Acura quickly and willingly responds to commands from the steering wheel and the gas pedal. Thanks to the dynamic cornering system, it is much more agile in fast turns. The sound of the 290-horsepower engine penetrates the cabin as pleasant quiet music, and after 4500 rpm it turns into a roar that takes the soul. On light off-road, the Acura MDX SUV feels more confident than its rivals due to the highest ground clearance and the engine compartment protection.

Infiniti, Acura, or Lexus: What Is the Best Car Brand?

The optimal configurations of Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti models are very close. They differ only in minor details, which cannot drastically affect the vehicle choice. But as for driving performance, comfort, and ergonomics, the Acura MDX comes out on top. The fight for the second position is more intense. The driving talents of the Lexus RX 350, as well as its protection from outside noise, seem preferable, but Lexus lags behind Infiniti in the convenience of the driver’s seat layout, and the rear row is uncomfortable in both cars. Therefore, the final argument is a personal experience. 

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