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Used Work Vans for Sale: Partner That Won’t Let You Down

work vans for sale in Indianapolis

At Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, you will find a rich selection of all-metal work vans for sale. You can choose a cargo van from our inventory online according to your requirements: price, technical characteristics, or brand.

One of these used cargo vans may become your faithful helper in business, whether it is a freight forwarding company, a construction agency, or a warehouse complex. The all-metal work van allows you to take on board everything you need; it is inexpensive to maintain and reliable. This vehicle is a solid foundation for your business, guaranteeing a continuous workflow.

What Van Is the Best for Work?

A light van is a great tool for light-duty transportation. If you compare such a vehicle with a standard truck, then it will have a lot of advantages:

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • relatively low market value;
  • savings on maintenance and repairs.

Of course, all this is relevant only if it is necessary to transport goods weighing up to 2 tons. Here are the top 3 work vans for sale in Indianapolis. They have a huge resource that allows you to choose a car without fear that it will break down in a couple of months. This is especially important for a new business.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

used Mercedes-Benz Sprinter work van for sale Indianapolis

Mercedes produces one of the best commercial vans for transportation of goods and personal needs, providing a wide range of customization opportunities. The Sprinter family is the most reliable option for light-tonnage carriage, equipped with the latest technology, including the Crosswind Assist wind stability system. It independently plays with the brakes, stabilizing the behavior of the truck in a strong side wind. It also uses the functionality of compensation for dead vision zones. Simply put, safety and convenience are at the highest level. Mercedes does not forget about this, even releasing vans. The large resource of Mercedes has already become a legend, and the secondary market of Indiana can boast a large assortment of these cars.

Ford Transit

buy used Ford Transit work van in Indianapolis

Studying the secondary market, you understand that one of the most common models of the commercial van in Indianapolis is the Ford Transit, which has been produced for over 20 years. This is the most reliable truck capable of boasting an unprecedented resource. Even a mileage of 300 thousand miles is not much for it, and this work van is always capable of maximum workload. 

In reviews, you can often find a mention that Transit is the best option for commercial transportation. It is unpretentious, designed for high mileage, easily repaired, and does not require huge investments during operation. Modern models are equipped with all the necessary functionality and are not inferior in comfort to Mercedes work vans. True, the price for a new all-metal body is high. But at Indy Auto Man, you can find plenty of used options for sale to choose from.

Chevrolet Express

used Chevy Express work van for sale in Indianapolis

Chevrolet Express is a full-size work van with a length of 218 inches. It's a kind of mixture of Escalade and Tahoe in a practical body. The Express is very popular among Indianapolis businessmen because you can make your dream car out of it, quickly and cheaply customize to your needs.

Express is an all-wheel drive-frame van with independent front and spring rear suspension and disc brakes. Most often, this vehicle is equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 engine (power 300 hp) and a four-speed automatic transmission. The car weight (more than 3 tons) allows it to serve as a tractor: to transport yachts and motorhomes on a trailer. The motor itself is very durable if properly and timely serviced. The gearbox resource is about 180 thousand miles - the main thing is not to forget about changing the oil every 25 thousand miles. The van can boast many electronic systems for comfortable and safe driving.

If you need a spacious and comfortable work van, then Express is what you need. But there is one minus in this car - the consumption in the city is about 20 liters per 60 miles.

How to Choose a Used Work Van in Indianapolis

A work van must be reliable, but not only a new one can guarantee years of trouble-free operation. A used work van is a perfect solution for small businesses, with guaranteed savings on purchase, repair, and maintenance. All models from the rating have proven their relevance for years. Most manufacturers continue to release new vans, but little changes conceptually. Often the upgrades concern only the appearance, while the engine and chassis remain the same, sometimes with minor modifications and additions.

However, high loads and excessive use often wear out the machine and almost completely exhaust its resource. There are three main modules to pay attention to:

  • engine, 
  • suspension, 
  • body.

And if you can pick the body by a simple visual inspection, the motor requires comprehensive diagnostics and thorough checks during a test drive. 

How Long Do Cargo Vans Last?

Most cargo vans can reliably cover 150,000 miles with little or even no issues. Therefore, you can safely choose a work van with a mileage of up to 100,000 miles if you want to get good use out of it.

At Indy Auto Man, you will find only reliable models after a thorough pre-sale check and preparation. All work vans on our car lot in Indianapolis deserve attention and make it possible to save a lot on a purchase. We select brands and models with engines distinguished by the highest reliability. Choose your favorite model for a test drive and buy your perfect work van for the years to come.